Additional Recurring Donation Options

Our additional recurring donation options are the perfect way to boost your recurring donation strategy. With additional cadence options and flexible start and stop dates, this functionality is exactly what you've been missing to add solid, repeatable revenue to your books.



Frequency Options

Move beyond monthly recurring donations and offer an entire menu of frequency options in any order. Below are all of the additional options available on our Team & Enterprise Plans:

  • Daily recurring
  • Recurring every 2 days
  • Recurring every 3 days
  • Recurring every 7 days (once per week)
  • Recurring every 14 days
  • Recurring every 28 days
  • Recurring every 2 months
  • Recurring every 3 months (quarterly)
  • Recurring every 4 months
  • Recurring every 6 months (bi-annually)
  • Recurring once a year



Recurring Date Options

Along with more cadence options, you can also set custom start and stop dates for recurring plans. You can allow donors to adjust these dates or set fixed dates where the plans will start and stop. The adjustable dates are great options to allow your donors to contribute when, and for as long, as they are most comfortable. The fixed dates are good options for pledge drives and defined capital campaigns.



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