How can I associated my charity with multiple Belk locations?

Each Donately account can only be associated with a single Belk location. However, you're welcome to sign up for multiple Donately accounts*! You can easily create a Donately account for each Belk location with which you'd like to be associated.


*NOTE: Each organization, or local affiliate, can be associated with a maximum of FIVE (5) Belk locations. If you would like your organization or affiliate to be associated with more than 5 Belk locations, please email for explicit permission to do so. Please note, failure to comply with this restriction may result in your organization being barred from participating in future online Charity Sale events.


While you will need a unique Donately account for each store location, you can use the same Stripe account for every Donately account. This means that all donations will be deposited into the same bank account, and you do not need to go through the Stripe sign up process more than once!


Please follow these steps to sign up for each account:


Step 1: Sign up for each location on Donately

Sign up here: Each time you sign up, be sure to select a different location. For the easiest management, sign up using the same email each time. This will link all your accounts together under your single email.

Please note, our system will prevent duplicate signups within a set period of time. You may need to wait up to 1 hour to sign up for each additional location.


Step 2: Sign in to your Donately account

You will not get a "password" email for each additional account you set up! Instead, simply log into Donately with your existing email and password combination. If you do not remember your password, go to this page and click "Don't remember your password" to reset your password.


Step 3: Switch between Donately accounts

Once you've signed up for multiple accounts and have logged into Donately, you can now switch between them easily from inside of the Donately dashboard.


To do so, simply click on your organization's name in the top left-hand corner. This will bring up a list of all accounts associated with your email address:




Step 4: Sign in to Stripe for each account

After you switch between accounts, the screen asking you to create a Stripe account or log in to an existing account may pop-up automatically (screenshot below). If that is the case, click "Log In To Stripe" and sign in to the Stripe account you've previously activated.



If that screen does not automatically pop-up when you switch accounts, instead go to "Account Settings", then "Stripe Settings". Once there, click on "Connect To a Different Stripe Account". After that, log in to your existing Stripe account:




Step 5: Double Check Everything!

As a final step, be sure that "Stripe Settings" page now says "Your Stripe Account is Connected and Active". 


Additionally, be sure that you've entered in your EIN/TIN on the Account Settings page.


If you've completed these steps correctly, you should now be listed in multiple locations on


If you need any additional help, please submit this form.

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