How much does this all cost?

For the purpose of our arrangement with Belk, each charity will only need to be on our Startup tier. This tier has no monthly or fixed costs and charges a 4% platform fee on each donation.
Keep in mind, every donor is presented with the option to cover the fees from their sale. If every donor elects to do this, Donately and Stripe are effectively free!


For each transaction, Stripe also charges a payment processing fee. For the Charity Sale, the donor has the choice of buying their ticket via credit card or ACH (direct bank transfer). Depending on the payment method, Stripe charges the following rates:

  • For credit card donations, Stripe's rates are 2.9% + $0.30. They offer a nonprofit discounted rate of 2.2% + $0.30! See this page for more details.
  • For ACH (bank-to-bank) donations, Stripe charges 0.8%, with a maximum fee of $5.

Both of these fees are deducted from each donation and require no out-of-pocket payment to either platform.

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