How much does Donately cost?

Donately's pricing varies based on the tier. Our features and pricing structure are designed to grow with your organization, giving you the tools you need at an affordable rate no matter what stage you are in. Our three tiers are:

Below is an overview of each tier's cost. For more detailed feature information, please see our pricing page. For a guide on what is included with our upgraded tiers, check out this article collection.


Note that Donately's pricing does not include Stripe or PayPal's processing fees, which are laid out at the bottom of this article. Finally, remember that we offer the ability to allow donors to optionally cover the fees for both Donately and Stripe/PayPal on any donation, which can reduce the net cost of using the platform.


Startup Tier

Our Startup tier is designed for smaller organizations that want to start raising money online. This tier has no fixed monthly cost with a Donately fee of 4% per donation.


Team Tier

Our Team tier is aimed at growing nonprofits who want to improve their overall online giving experience for donors. This tier has two pricing options:

  1. $588 per year ($49 per month), with a 2% platform fee
  2. $69 per month, with a 2% platform fee

The monthly plan has no commitments, and you're able to cancel at any time.

Enterprise Tier

If you're an organization that is raising over $250,000 online each year, get in touch with us so we can design a pricing package for your needs.


Payment Processing

As mentioned previously, the fees above do not include payment processing fees charged by our payments partners, Stripe or PayPal. Both platforms have no fixed monthly fees, set-up fees, gateway fees, or contracts.

  • For credit cards & PayPal donations, fees start at 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for individuals & for-profit organizations.
  • For Bank transfer (ACH) donations, Stripe charges 0.8% per donation, with a cap of $5. That means any donation over $625 via ACH only incurs a Stripe charge of $5, making it a great option for bigger donations.

Both platforms also offer discounts for nonprofits! Check out more details below:

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