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Video Walkthroughs

Video walkthroughs of the Donately platform, including in-depth views of specific features and functionalities.

Campaigns and Fundraisers

Before Signing Up

Answers to get you "over the hump" and signed up for Donately.

Payment Processing

Articles regarding the processing of donations and Stripe.


The cost and fees associated with Donately.

Getting Started

Basic tips & tricks to help you get up-and-running with Donately.

Payment Processor Signup

Team & Enterprise Plans

In-depth review of each Team & Enterprise Plan feature of Donately's donation platform. For full pricing, please see this page:

Text Engagement

Donately Donation Form

Customizing Donately's online donation form, including guides, options, custom solutions, and more.

Custom Fields

Post-Donation Options

Donately Custom Form Examples

Donation Receipts & Thank You Emails

Articles on editing Donately's standard email receipt, turning off Donately's receipt and options for completely custom receipting.

Campaign and Fundraising Pages

Instruction on how to build and set up Campaigns & Peer-to-Peer Fundraising pages and how to edit existing pages.

Donations & Donors

Articles on transferring donations, donation data, donation notifications, editing recurring plans, & refunds.

Donation Data

Recurring Donations

Text Messaging

Instructions for setting up text messaging through Donately.

Self-Service Donor & Fundraiser Profiles

Articles specifically for donors on activating your donor profile and how to edit a recurring donation or Fundraiser.

Embedding the Donately Form

How-to guides for embedding* the Donately form on popular web builders. *Team or Enterprise accounts only.

Google Analytics, Google Optimize, Facebook Pixel

Instructions for integrating with Google Analytics, Optimize and your Facebook Pixel.


Articles on how to set up Zapier in order to integrate with Salesforce, MailChimp, and more platforms.


Accounting Software Integrations


Articles related to our terms & conditions, how to downgrade your account, and how to close your account.

Belk Charity Sale

Specific questions and answers regarding the tri-annual Belk Charity Sale, powered by Donately!

Walkthrough Guide

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